19th march, 2011 (07:38pm) - posted by james

you might be interested to know that i've started work on an android game. it's a turn-based strategy game called Tactikon. it's available for download here, although it's only an early alpha version at the moment.

20th may, 2009 (22:41pm) - posted by james

wow, what's with the sudden burst of popularity? unfortunately the number of people downloading / playing today overwhelmed my rather puny webserver for a few hours. sorry!

27th january, 2006 (4:54pm) - posted by james

no news is good news! lightbikes2 still seems to be going strong, with a hundred or so downloads every day, and there seem to be steadily more and more people playing online. lack of demand however means it's unlikely there will be a linux version.
anyway, i'll post again when there's something interesting to report.

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lightbikes2 is a fun multiplayer network game for windows PCs with OpenGL graphics

releases [450kb] - win2k version, released april 2005. now internet playable! (note: i don't think it works in vista at all. sorry!)

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lightbikes v1.0